Wednesday, November 19, 2008


"aku wortel,

warnaku merah,

anak-anak suka makan wortel,

karena aku baik untuk mata... *ting* "

hehehe.. its poem reminds me about syaafa, my oldest son, when he was in playgroup..

its pic is very funny, isn' it?

Saturday, August 16, 2008


I was searching "yusra pintaningrum" at google accidentally i found my last website..
OMG!! someone made it for me when I was 19.. ive just graduated from high school, and waited for entering medical faculty.. i remembered, i had spent my life in front of the monitor all the time.. and then, my mum was angry very much, my internet bill was 1.4 million, and my telephone bill 3 millioon!! i subscribed meganet.. yup, i was young, still did not know how to earn money.. anyway.. i choosed bezita in my web because i liked that figure.. and that was my nick when I was chatting in Undernet.. OMG!! Ups, it was ridiculous..hehehe
actually, i also made a web for me and my friend by my self, but i forget the address..

ok.. searching again...

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Start Again..

Yup! Start Again.. Actually I have a blog at but i don't know why i couldn't open it.. my last blog was in 2006 before being a cardiology resident.. and of course my profile in the last blog was different. If anyone knows how to move my last blog to this blog please tell me.. I remembered again my blog after receiveing SMS from my friend, he asked me to open , a blog which told about activities of cardiology residents in Surabaya.. i was excited.. thanx for Paskal, especially mas Gusti, I know it was you who made its blog. Well.. I am in cardiology library right now.. it's 00.00 am.. there's no a new patient untill now.. and i hope until i finish my duty.. ok guys.. see you on the next blog..